What ingredients do you use in your products?

Great question! I use organic oils and butters in all of my products when I can source them. Some oils, like my emu oil and tamanu oil, are very unique and not readily available organically sourced. Rest assured, these unique oils are sourced from a very reputable supplier, and the extraction process used makes them more readily absorbed by your skin. I also use lots of natural clays and botanicals, real goats milk in some of my soaps, and real hydrolyzed silk in my lotions. I don’t skimp on my ingredients—and it shows.

Are your products natural and vegan?

The word “natural” is kind of a catch-all word that means a lot of different things to different people. Having said that, I strive to make my products as clean and natural as possible. I make everything in small batches, which cuts down on processing waste and ensures the highest of quality. I use organic ingredients whenever possible, and 100% therapeutic essential oils. I want the best for your skin, and I sell the same products I use for my family. The majority of my products are not vegan, mainly because of the goats milk and hydrolyzed silk protein. I do have some products that are vegan, and I am happy to point you to those if you contact me.

What is whipped soap?

Whipped soap is a cross between a bar soap and a liquid soap. I use two different kinds of lye to achieve this consistency—it feels like whipped cream or mousse in your hand, but when you run it under water, it foams up just like soap. It is loaded with glycerin, which acts as a natural humectant, so it really nourishes your skin. I use whipped soap for shaving, but you can also use it in your spa bath, at the kitchen sink, or wherever you use soap!

How is a wood candle wick different from a regular one?

A wood wick is SO fun! It makes a tiny crackling sound as you’re burning your candle, almost like having a campfire or wood-burning fireplace, but without all the work. Wood wicks give a hot, fast flame, and great scent throw. Be sure to keep your wood wick trimmed throughout the life of the candle, to make sure it’s not burning too hot or high. Need a wick trimmer? I have them listed in my shop, and I’ll be happy to send one to you once your order.

Are your soaps made with lye?

I use the time-honored tradition of soapmakers around the world in my soapmaking process, and all handmade soaps are made with sodium hydroxide, or more commonly known as lye. No lye, no soap. The “soaps” you get in the grocery store are actually made with surfactants and other chemicals, and are really more of a detergent than real soap. Once my soaps have gone through the curing, or saponification process, the lye neutralizes and the soap is perfectly safe (and wonderful!) to use. I’ve had many customers say that once they’ve used my soaps, they can’t go back to those grocery store “soaps”!

Do you wholesale?

Why yes, thanks for asking, I do wholesale most of the items in my shop. I will have wholesale guidelines and my pricing sheet listed soon on this website. For now, if you’re interested in wholesaling, contact me either through Etsy or at cricketnwillow@gmail.com. I am happy to get you started in this process.