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Experience the wonderful hydrating properties of our handcrafted Avocado Kumquat Silk lotion! Our lotion is rich and thick  without feeling oily, full of moisturizing organic oils and butters that your skin will drink up!  We use organic shea, avocado and almond oils, known for their emollient benefits.  Almond oil is a natural source of vitamin E, so wonderfully hydrating and repairing to the skin.  I also use organic jojoba oil in this lotion ( I also use it in many of my soaps) for its wonderful hydration properties, and because jojoba mimics the natural oils our skin produces.  Real hydrolyzed silk adds protein that your skin needs as well as a luxurious softness.  This lotion is scented with the same fragrance oil as my Avocado Kumquat soap, a wonderful citrus-fruity scent that is light enough to not be overpowering.  My customers LOVE this natural scented lotion!

This listing is for one bottle of Avocado Kumquat lotion, a generous 8 oz bottle by volume.  The lotion comes packaged and sealed in the flip top bottle that you see in the picture.  

Made with:

organic oils and butters

Tested on:

Friends and family, never on animals

Avocado Kumquat Scented Lotion with Organic Oils

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