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Pamper yourself or someone you love with our natural, organic bath bombs!  Each bath bomb is lovingly crafted with natural, organic ingredients to make your spa bath nourishing for body and soul. This bath bomb is scented with our lovely  fragrance, a light floral scent that really does smell like a meadow bursting with fresh blooming flowers!  Natural ingredients like organic almond oil and non-GMO citric acid and baking soda are great for the skin and luxurious to soak in!  Have you spoiled yourself with a spa bath lately?

What you get:

This listing is for one bath bomb scented with our amazing Meadow Bloom fragrance.  Each bath bomb weighs over 8 oz, and measures over 8 inches around the middle of it (but who wants to do math when it's time for that pampering spa bath?).  It is roughly the size of a tennis ball.  Bath bombs vary, but these giant size bombs usually last about 5-7 minutes with fizzing action, and the nourishing ingredients last through the whole bath and continue softening your skin for hours after.  Each fizzy is carefully packaged so that you can enjoy your unpacking experience.

These bath bombs are:
- made with naturally occuring sodium bicarbonate, nahcolite, it is aluminium free, food-grade, and organic
- created with non-GMO ingredients, paraben and phthalate free, as always with our products
- made with organic almond oil and other good for you ingredients
- all ingredients are eco-friendly
- not colored, and are accented with dried rose petals

Why choose organic?
Everyone knows organic is better, right? But why organic for your skin? Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?  You know you need to eat healthy, but choosing healthy ingredients and products for your skin can help you treat your body right from the outside in.  Organic means treated without pesticides and processed without toxic chemicals--better for you, better for our world. Many times organic also mean fair trade--someone is getting honest wages for the product they produce.  Organic is higher quality, minimally processed, and just more natural. Do something terrific for your skin!

Bath Bomb Floral Scented LARGE Bath Bomb 8.25 oz

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