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What you get:

This listing is for one (1) bath bomb in Geranium Lemongrass scent.  Our bath bombs are large, about 8 oz by weight, and they measure 4 inches around...but who wants to do math on your spa day?  Take the plunge and luxuriate in our decadent bath bomb.  One fills the bath, and usually lasts about 4-5 minutes, but the great ingredients will linger to make your skin happy for hours!  Scented with our geranium and lemongrass essential oil blend, and topped with Kauai sea salt for extra nourishment.  Buy several and save!  Choose the number of bath bombs you'd like at checkout, and get a discount on multiples.

Bath Bomb Lavender Geranium Essential Oils Organic Bath Bomb 8.25oz

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