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If you love baths, you will love our fragrant organic bath bombs!  Luxury bath bombs create a wonderful at-home spa experience, and our bath bombs are sure to please.  Scented with fragrant jasmine fragrance and lavender and lavendin essential oils and made with wholesome, pure ingredients, this bath bomb will make your bath experience enjoyable and also wonderful  for your skin!  The lavender and lavandin are more subtle while the jasmine takes the lead in the scent blend.

What you get:
This listing is for one Jasmine Lavender bath bomb.  It weighs over 8 ounces and measures over 8 inches around the middle (but who wants to do math when you're taking a spa day??)  It is roughly the size of a tennis ball, so a very generous size.  While bath bombs vary a lot, my bath bombs fizz for appoximately 5-7 minutes, and the skin softening ingredients do their job during the whole bath.

These bath bombs are:

-made with non-gmo citric acid and the naturally-derived form of sodium bicarbonate, chemical free and aluminum free
- infused with organic almond oil for a luxurious bath experience
- scented with jasmine, lavender and lavandin, with rose kaolin clay added that will add a rose hue to your bath water
- GIANT and long-lasting
-tested on friends and family, never on animals

Why choose organic?
Everyone knows organic is better, right? But why organic for your skin? Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?  You know you need to eat healthy, but choosing healthy ingredients and products for your skin can help you treat your body right from the outside in.  Organic means treated without pesticides and processed without toxic chemicals--better for you, better for our world. Many times organic also mean fair trade--someone is getting honest wages for the product they produce.  Organic is higher quality, minimally processed, and just more natural. Do something terrific for your skin!

Processing and shipping:
Our bath fizzies are freshly made and we're ready to get them into your home.  Processing time is 1-3 days, we always try to get orders out within 24 hours when we can.  Packages over 1 pound are shipped Priority Mail with the US Post Office.  We pack our bath bombs well, knowing that contents may shift during flight, and we want you to have an enjoyable unpackaging experience.

Wholesale and custom orders:
Cricket n Willow loves custom orders!  Looking to pamper a special set of friends, or for party favors for your next event?  We can help with that!  Special pricing on bulk and wholesale orders, please convo me to get the conversation started.

Jasmine Lavender LARGE Bath Bomb Bath Fizzy for Spa Bath

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