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This is a private custom listing for Janney that includes:


10 bars Coconut and Papaya

10 bars Cinnamon Vanilla Bean

10 bars Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

10 bars Peppermint Cream

10 bars Lavender Lemongrass

10 bars Strawberry Lemonade

10 bars Fresh Strawberry

10 bars Wild Plum Vanilla

10 bars Fresh Ginger and Lime

10 bars Pumpkin Spice


These bars will be sent naked with ingredient docs for each, and my contact info as manufacturer.  Any shipping damages should be reported to me within 72 hours of receipt.


Pumpkin Spice soap will be sent in about 3 1/2 weeks.  I need to check the Wild Plum Vanilla in a couple of days, I may need to give that one a little more time--it tends to be softer and needs more cure time.  The others will be ready to ship beginning of next week.  Please let me know of any changes, we can make ANY changes we need to before purchase.  Thank you!

Private Custom Listing for Janney

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