Our Cactus Blossom Soy Wax candle will delight you with its intoxicating scent blend of a clean floral fragrance with hints of orange and tangerine essential oils.  This is a very fresh fragrance for your home, good any time of year.  Our 8oz container candle is made with clean-burning soy wax and a crackling wood wick.  If you've never tried a wood wick before, it is wonderfully cozy, giving you the image of a crackling wood fire without having to build one.  Our 8oz candles have an approximate total burning time of 40 hours, and you will enjoy every hour of this lovely candle.

This candle is:
> created with 100 percent soy wax 
> has a crackling wood wick for added ambiance
> clean burning with no toxins
> paraben free and phthalate free
> scented with a fragrance blend and infused with a hint of orange and tangerine essential oils

Why choose soy wax?
Soy wax is made from US grown soybeans (the kind my dad, a farmer, still raises every year).  It is clean burning, without the toxins and soot that paraffin wax can give off.  Its natural, milky cream look makes for a very elegant looking candle.

Soy Wax Candle Cactus Blossom with Crackling Wood Wick