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Soapmaking as an Art

What started as a hobby quickly became a business as friends and family enjoyed my soaps and wanted more. I use soapmaking techniques and artistry that soap artisans have been using for thousands of years.

I use both cold and hot process soap methods, and I love using natural clays, botanicals, and essential oils in my soaps. I just love the clean scent of my soaps, and I try to make them both beautiful to look at and nourishing to use.

There is something really decadent about a handmade bath bomb. Luxurious to your skin, wonderfully scented, our bath bombs are a bath experience!

More recently, I have delved into candlemaking, another handmade art that has held its popularity for thousands of years, bringing light and homey-ness to even homes now lit by electricity. There is something magical about a dancing flame, and I love to bring warmth and calm to your home with my fragrance and essential oil blends.

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