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Yes, Cricket n Willow offers wholesale pricing on most of the products in our shop! Please make sure that you scroll to the bottom to see our wholesale guidelines and minimum order pricing. We try to make our amazing products available to even smaller boutiques and shops.


Minimum quantity for wholesale pricing:  50 items OR a minimum of $225 wholesale.  Note that items do not all have to be the same;  for instance, you can order several different kinds of soap, and as long as you meet the minimum quantity or pricing, you will get wholesale pricing.  I have several clients that own smaller boutiques and order a minimum dollar amount as opposed to 50 of the same item so as to have a variety of items in their display.
Processing times:  Processing times vary by product and quantity ordered.  Handmade soap and handmade candles take time to cure, and this curing time is added into the general processing times.  Generally, an initial wholesale order for soap is 5-6 weeks, minimum processing for candles is 2 weeks, and other item processing is generally 2 weeks.  I do keep several hundred bars in my inventory, and you can check with me to see if I have what you need already in stock.
Once the wholesale account is established, the processing time can be shortened as I can keep a minimum quantity on hand for purchase.  This needs to be agreed up on an individual case by case basis.
Shipping:  Shipping costs are calculated according to the items and quantity ordered, and those shipping costs will be added onto the final order.  Please contact me for shipping estimates.  I generally ship via USPS or UPS.
Receipt of order:  Once the order is received, please inspect the packages for any damage during shipment.  We take every precaution to ensure that your order arrives safely, but sometimes packages are damaged in transit.  Please contact me within 72 hours of receiving shipment to report any damage.  Save all product and packaging.  I will make every effort to make the situation right should this occur.
Care and Use: I tell my customers that my products are meant to be used and enjoyed.  I do put “use by” guidelines on most of my products.  I would not plan to purchase product that will sit in storage for more than 12 months before being sold, just to be safe. (Bar soap keeps for years, but eventually will lose some of its scent). Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.  Cricket n Willow assumes no liability for products that have been stored improperly or kept beyond reasonable storage times.
Private label:  Cricket n Willow is happy to work with private label wholesalers.  At this time, our private label prices are the same as wholesale.  We strongly recommend the retailer putting ingredients on their label (we will provide a list of ingredients) and also our website,, even if its small, for the consumer to have direct access to the actual manufacturer of the product.  We understand that we no longer have control of our product once it leaves our hands, but we feel it’s best for our protection and yours.
Our inventory is always changing!  Keep up with us by following our shop on Etsy, and by subscribing to our email list at  Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you’re looking for a particular scent, we can help with that.  We can customize a product if you’re looking for a particular style or scent, and we can help you with labeling if you’re looking for private label.  Contact us for private access to our wholesale linesheet.
Thank you for considering Cricket n Willow!

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