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Our fabulous Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner bars in a set for extra savings!

Try our Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner bar, made with  good-for-you gentle ingredients for normal to dry hair--we get rave reviews on our hair care bars!

What you get:

This listing is for 1 Lavender Mint shampoo bar and 1 Lavender Mint conditioner bar.  The shampoo bars weigh about 2.5 oz and the conditioner bars just over 2oz.  Solid shampoo bars don't have any water in them, you're buying nothing but solid, quality ingredients, with our unique Lavender Mint essential oil blend.

Our shampoo and conditioner bars are:

> sulfate free
>free of SLS and SleS, no harsh surfactants to damage your hair
> formulated with extra goodness like oat protein and rosemary extract to promote hair health and growth
> perfect for travel, or for a zero waste/minimalist lifestyle--no plastic bottles to throw away! 
>  good for you, good for the environment, will last you weeks in the shower
> tested extensively on friends and family, but not at ALL on animals
> vegan-friendly
> great lather, incredible softness, just wait til you try them!

A Bath Company for LIFE:
Cricket n Willow is a bath company for LIFE!  Check out our About section for more details on how your purchase, every time, can help someone in need.

Care and Use:

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars are like any bar soap, they will do better and last longer if left to air dry between uses.  To use, wet hair, then rub the shampoo over your hair several times to build up a great lather.  Massage in and rinse.  Follow with several strokes of our amazing conditioner bar.  Leave our conditioner in for several minutes for extra conditioning, then rinse out.  You WILL be amazed at how soft and manageable you hair will be.

Customers are raving about our shampoo bars, and several have told me that their husbands stole them for their own use!  Consider buying several for the whole family!

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Lavender Mint

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