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Indulge yourself with the heady scent of jasmine and notes of sandalwood as you pamper your hair with our Midnight Jasmine Shampoo Bar!

What you get:

This listing is for one Midnight Jasmine Shampoo Bar, a solid shampoo bar weighing a little over 2.5 oz.  There is no water in this solid shampoo so all you're buying is quality ingredients that will gently clean your hair without leaving residue, just sparkling clean and manageable.  Our shampoo bars come wrapped in the recyclable tissue paper you see in the pictures.  No empty plastic bottles to throw in the trash, just wonderful goodness for your hair!

This shampoo bar is:
> formulated with NO SLS or SLeS, no harsh surfactants to damage your hair
> scented with our unique Midnight Jasmine natural fragrance to tickle your senses in the shower
> formulated with the extra goodness of oat protein and rosemary extract for super-healthy hair and hair growth
> vegan friendly and great for traveling--no messy bottles to leak, and no messy bottles to throw away!
> tested on lots of family and friends, but never on animals

Care and Use:
To use, simply massage bar into wet hair until you've built up a good lather, then continue to massage into hair.  Rinse, and follow with our Midnight Jasmine conditioner bar.  Make sure your shampoo and conditioner bars exposed to air between uses, it keeps them firm and helps them to last longer.  These bars are mild enough to use every day, but as always, use your best judgement on your own hair.

Solid Shampoo Bar Midnight Jasmine Scented Shampoo

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